“Let’s Play A Game!” Flower Show

The Colorado Garden & Home Show features a Design Specialty Flower Show presented by the Colorado Federation of Garden Clubs (CFGC).  This year’s theme was “Let’s Play A Game!”.  The juried competition of more than 68 inspiring floral designs creatively showcasing artistic interpretation of games played by children and adults was presented in this year show. Read more about the Flower Show at the 2018 Colorado Garden & Home and stay tuned for the 2019 Show Information.

The flower show had three Divisions: 1) Design: “Games Anyone?, 2) Education: “Key to the Kingdom” and 3) Botanical Arts: “Hide and Seek”.  Each division has different rules and requirements for the exhibitors. For example, alteration of fresh plant material with a topical application is not permitted but manipulation (bent, clipped, stripped) of fresh plant material is permitted.  Some of this year’s featured entries are named “Fly A Kite”, “Hoops”, “Button, Button”,  “Jackpot”, “King of the Mountain” and “Checkmate”, just to name a few.

Exhibitors were honored with the following top National Garden Club and CFGC awards: Award of Design Excellence, Designer’s Choice Award, Petite Award, Club Competition Award, Educational Award, Botanical Arts Design Award, Award of Merit, Sweepstakes Award, Judges Council Award and the Colorado Garden Show Director’s Award.

The Colorado Federation of Garden Clubs is dedicated to educating the gardening public with Flower Show Schools & Symposiums, Horticulture/Gardening, Landscape Design, and Environmental Schools.  Visitors are encouraged to use their creativity in trying fresh design approaches as well as a variety of new plant species in their gardens and home. For more information, please visit www.ColoradoGardenClubs.org