Good for the Community • Good for Business

Aligning your business with the Colorado Fall Home Show is notably good for the community, but is good for business as well. Your association with one of Denver’s best produced consumer shows can help reach and impact 5,000+ educated, affluent and culturally-savvy attendees and create brand experiences in a non-traditional way. Sponsorship packages include many tangible and actionable rights and benefits.

  • Achieve marketing & communications objectives
  • Underscore community commitment & social responsibility
  • Receive positive media relations
  • Attract customers & generate leads
  • Engage Employees
  • Build your brand

To learn more about the advantages of event marketing through your sponsorship of the Colorado Fall Home Show please email Taylor Boerstler at or call 303-932-8100, ext. 202.

Sponsorship Testimonial:

From Isaac S. at Lifetime Windows & Siding: “We at Lifetime greatly appreciate the time and effort that the Colorado Garden Foundation puts into the shows that they produce each Fall and every February.  As a company, we have exhibited for many years, but having the privilege of sponsoring the shows has greatly elevated our success as a company.  Denver locals and many homeowners from the greater Denver Metro Area plan on attending the show each year to find trusted businesses to help them with home projects.  Having Lifetime branding throughout the shows has helped us reach thousands of potential customers and our long-standing association with the show has instilled faith in the community that we are a company worth utilizing when the need arises.  The Colorado Garden Foundation makes sure that we are well branded in all aspects of advertising and every attendee is aware of our company.  This has made a big impact on the number of leads we generate from the show.  Every person shopping for products that we offer gives us the opportunity to quote their project and many of them end up using us.  Sponsoring the Shows has been a great honor and one of the best decisions that we have made as a company.”