Enjoy the multitude of fragrances as your stroll through more than an acre of professionally landscaped gardens -11 gardens in all! Visit the 5,500-square-foot Great Outdoors Colorado “Generation Wild” Entry Garden presented by Bellco. Feel free to read about 2019 Feature Gardens, 2020 Gardens will be announced in November 2019.

Great Outdoors Colorado “Generation Wild” Entry Garden
Sponsored by: Bellco

Designed & Installed by: Town & Country Landscaping


As part of the ‘Generation Wild’ initiative, the Entry Garden will feature more than 35 of the 100 bucket list items GOCO has identified to get kids outdoors, with the goal of completing the list before they turn 12. Elements from that list include rolling down a grass hill, flying a kite and reading a book under a tree, among other features. This is a display to be experienced, not just looked at! We hope your “inner kid” has a great time!

Garden A

Designed & Installed by Rocky Mountain Ponds & Waterfalls


Garden Theme: A “Splash” of Colorado Outdoor Living

We love the beauty of the majestic Rocky Mountains. In our garden, our goal was to bring the same natural-looking landscape into the backyard setting, providing a peaceful retreat that is as impressive as the mountain landscape, as tranquil as the lure of streams flowing over the mountain boulders. We accented our outdoor living spaces with stunning waterfall cascades and artistically landscaped gardens. This is just a “splash” of what we love about living in Colorado!

Garden B

Designed & Installed by Art of the Yard


Garden Theme: ‘Creating Art With Water’

Take a tour through our world of water. You will find tranquil Rocky Mountain waterfalls as well as contemporary fountain features. Let us show you how to take any space and turn it into Art of the Yard.

Garden C

Designed & Installed by Autumn Gold Landscapes


Theme: Double Vision Garden

The city setting has structure, is more self-contained and maintained using dwarf plants and a smaller water feature. A patio using large pavers and a fireplace create the modern, urban look. The suburban setting has more free-form plants, a cascading water feature with boulders, a flagstone patio and sunken fire circle creating a more natural look. They both address similar design elements but differ greatly in style and plant materials.


Garden D

Designed & Installed by Artistic Landscaping & Design


Garden Theme: Backyard Camping

Welcome to Campground de Casa! Sometimes our busy lives take over and we don’t have the time to partake in extracurricular activities, like camping. What if I told you that you don’t have to pack up the car and drive to a destination to create outdoor memories with your family. Just step into your backyard! Pitch the tent and start the fire, were staying home tonight! Start the evening by cooking a delicious meal in your state of the art outdoor kitchen, complete with grill, pizza oven and kegerator. Once the sun goes down it’s time to tell ghost stories by the firepit. To end the night, relax under the stars, by the fireplace with a few cold brews. And if you don’t feel like sleeping on the ground your bed is only a few steps away. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and let us create a backyard you can escape to!


Garden E: Colorado State University / GreenCo Education Garden

Designed & Installed by Colorado State University Extension & Green Co-Dept. of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture



Garden Theme: Colorado Homesteading Doable and Renewable from Patio to Farm

Whether you’re limited to house plants , a small patio, an HOA controlled neighborhood or own acreage, you can grow flowers, food or herbs to enjoy at home, Sustainable gardening is easy to accomplish . Consider using plants for pollinators, companion planting with veggies and backyard chickens. In addition Plant Select plants will be featured as well as information about Plant Talk Colorado which provides ,reliable, timely information on more than 600Horticultural topics and now more than 90 You Tube videos which will be showing continually.

Garden G: Student Garden

Image result for arvada west high school

Student Garden: Designed & Installed by Westminster High School & Arvada West High School
Westminster High School

303-657-3980, www.westminsterpublicschools.org
Arvada West High School
303-982-1303, www.arvadawest.org

Garden Theme: “Oh The Places Ag Can Go”

Students of both Westminster and Arvada West High School have been working diligently to create a design that reflects what they are learning in school. “Oh The Places Ag Can Go” shows how agriculture is much more than just farming. From plant and animal science to mechanics and power structures students in these programs explore the possibilities and careers available to them. The National FFA Organization is a student leadership organization rooted in agricultural education and teaches students premier leadership, personal growth, and career success. We invite you to explore the world of Agricultural education and leave any questions or comments you may have for either of our schools.


Garden I

Designed & Installed by LCM Landscape & Design

Garden Theme: Unique Additions

Adding something special to your landscape can change a backyard into an outdoor space that you can truly enjoy. You can choose from a large natural waterfall, bubbling rocks, fire features, seating areas, or a faux rock waterfall that we can add to your existing yard. The possibilities to enhance your outdoor living are endless by adding a unique feature that will make your space stand out.

Garden J

Designed & Installed by Viaco Industries

Garden Theme: Small Spaces Secluded Places

Many Colorado residents have small backyards which creates different needs for those spaces. This garden will give you ideas on what can be done in areas like that!!

Garden K

Designed & Installed by Spokas & Company
, Inc.


Garden Theme: Small Spaces Garden

We are combining both man made materials and things found in nature that can be repurposed in your landscaping.


Garden M

Designed & Installed by FRSR, LLC



Garden Theme: Accessibility Garden

Welcome to the Accessible Garden, presented by local landscaping company FRSR LLC, and with input and direction from the horticultural therapy program at Craig Hospital. The Accessible Garden features options, ideas and support for gardening enthusiasts with limitations, proving that age and disability should not keep homeowners from maintaining and enjoying their garden; rather, spending time outdoors and in an activity such as gardening can be a healing and therapeutic experience that everyone can – and should be able to – enjoy. This model provides an example of how accessible design principles can be applied anywhere, making gardening available to everyone.