Feature Gardens

Enjoy multitude of fragrances as your stroll through more than an acre of professionally landscaped gardens – 8 gardens in all! 2025 Feature Garden information will be published Jan. 2025.

Entry Garden

Bellco Presents: A Harmonious Blend: Modern Architecture meets Natural Landscape

Explore our feature garden, where modern architecture meets natural landscapes in a harmonious blend. Avant-garde structures, sleek lines, and minimalist design define the contemporary living space, seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor areas. With sustainable landscaping, smart technology, and thoughtfully crafted entertainment spaces, this garden offers a vision of sophisticated living, marrying innovation with the timeless beauty of nature.

Designed & Installed by LCM Waterfalls & Ponds

Garden A

Garden Theme: Outdoor Industrial

The garden is inspired by industrial design. This minimalist style uses clean lines, raw materials, flat roofs and polished surfaces to give an industrial architecture feel. Complimented by contemporary details this garden will give a timeless ambiance to an outdoor space.

Designed & Installed by Artistic Landscape & Design


Garden C

Garden Theme: Pathways to Beauty

Walk through our garden and be enchanted by the visions and sounds of nature.

Designed & Installed by Autumn Gold Landscapes

Garden E

Garden Theme: Extension is Here to Help You

The garden will show horticulture activities for all four seasons of the year with common gardening questions for each season answered. Demonstrations about common horticulture topics will be shown throughout the Show Hours by Master Gardeners.

Designed & Installed by Colorado State University Extension

Garden I


Garden Theme: Colors in Bloom

“Wheat Ridge High School Agriculture Program, established in 2020, is a unique 2-year plant pathway program. Students take Horticulture their first year and complete the program by taking Landscape Construction and Urban Farming in their second year. When the Landscape Construction class was presented with the opportunity to design this student garden, each student created a design that they drafted to scale. As a class, they chose their favorite design and named it “Colors in Bloom”. The rainbow of colors, represented by the diversity of plants you see here, helps to remind us of the beautiful diversity we find in all aspects of our lives.”

Designed & Installed by Wheat Ridge High School

Garden J

Garden Theme: Living a Dream Where Nature Blends with Luxury

A wonderful way to relax, enjoy nature, and entertain family and friends in a luxurious, outdoor living space. Enjoy your walk on this living space design where elegance meets nature.

Designed & Installed by LC Hardscapes


Garden K

Garden Theme: Environmental Sustainability

Experience the movement toward sustainable landscaping practices with a bio-based synthetic turf, accented by perennials, annuals and shrubs in the SYNLawn Garden. This garden is designed to show how we can transform your outdoor space into a breathtaking Colorado-inspired oasis with our SYNBlue 745, living plants, and a putting green.  Embrace the beauty of nature without compromising on convenience, and revel in a landscape that stays flawlessly green all year long.  Say goodbye to excessive water bills and hello to a lush, worry-free lawn that reflects your commitment to environmental stewardship.

Designed & Installed by SYNLawn Colorado


Garden M

Garden Theme: Modern Getaway

Your modern life requires a modern getaway with all the amenities possible to enable your relaxation. Walk over the Stamped Concrete set in Turf into a modern day getaway. Enjoy the peaceful water sounds of the Sheer Falls and Fountain. Tap into your inner grill master with the custom grill, and gather around the Firepit and create memories with Family and Friends.

Designed & Installed by FRSR Landscape