2018 Feature Gardens

Enjoy the multitude of fragrances as your stroll through more than an acre of professionally landscaped gardens -11 gardens in all! Visit the 5,500-square-foot Denver Botanic Garden’s Entry Garden presented by Bellco. Check out our landscape companies who are designing and installing spectacular gardens at the 2018 Colorado Garden & Home Show! 2019 Show Information to come.

Denver Botanic Garden’s Pollinator Entry Garden
Sponsored by:  Bellco

Bellco 2016 GHS     town-country-logo
Designed & Installed by: Town & Country Landscaping


Experience the garden designed for pollinator survival – food, water, shelter, and nesting sites. The abundance of these elements draws the various pollinators to the gardens, and they return the favor by keeping our plants and food sources thriving. There is always something in bloom when pollinators are active, early spring bulbs through the last aster of autumn! This type of succession planting – planning and planting for continuous bloom – not only gives your yard color and interest throughout the year but helps to nourish the pollinators in their journey.  Enjoy the gardens as they do, and learn a little something along the way!

Garden A: Spring in the Rockies

Designed & Installed by Rocky Mountain Ponds & Waterfalls


We love the beauty and sound of the majestic Rocky Mountains.   In this garden, our goal is to harmonize natural landscape into the backyard setting, providing a peaceful retreat that is as impressive as the mountain landscape, as tranquil as the lure of streams flowing over the mountain boulders. This garden blends the rustic Colorado outdoors into peaceful getaways to relax, play and live.

Garden B: Four Seasons Garden

Designed & Installed by Outside Dreams



The emphasis of our garden theme is functionality and year-round interest, represented by the four seasons – “pockets” within our exhibit that display Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter. Just as the cycle of the seasons is continuous, so is the path that guides you around our installation. As you walk through the garden, you will experience Colorado’s yearly phases and the advantages that different design elements can bring to your outdoor space so that you can enjoy it all year long.


Garden C: Double Vision Garden

Designed & Installed by Autumn Gold Landscapes


The city setting has structure, is more self-contained and maintained using dwarf plants and a smaller water feature. A patio using large pavers and a fireplace create the modern, urban look. The suburban setting has more free-form plants, a cascading water feature with boulders, a flagstone patio and sunken fire circle creating a more natural look. They both address similar design elements but differ greatly in style and plant materials.


Garden D: Living Off The Grid

Designed & Installed by Artistic Landscaping & Design


This Garden explores the idea of ‘living of the grid’. The term ‘off the grid’ refers to living in a self-sufficient manner, without reliance on public utilities. In this ‘Off the Grid’ garden drums are placed under a metal roof for the collection of rain water. This water will be used for bathing, washing, and the watering of the home grown veggie garden and plants inside the greenhouse. Once canned, the food harvested is stored in the “root cellar”. The collection of energy is shown in multiple ways. A waterfall powers the water wheel, converting the energy of flowing water into more useful forms of power. The Solar panel is placed in the “sunny” garden, full of native Colorado plants and edible plants and trees, to absorb the sun’s rays as a source of energy for generating electricity or heating. This Garden is meant to educate people on the ways you can live in a more natural, self-sustained way, as well as showing our diversity as a landscape company.


Garden E: Horticulture Educational Garden

Designed & Installed by Colorado State University Extension & Green Co-Dept. of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture



Learn how Active and Passive water harvesting work together in your home landscape.  Demonstrations on rain barrels, rain gardens and effective redirecting techniques are featured.  In addition, Plant Select® plants will be featured as well as information about PlantTalk Colorado™ which provides reliable, timely information on more than 600 horticultural topics on a website and now on more than 80 You Tube videos.

Garden G: Student Garden

whsImage result for arvada west high school
Student Garden: Designed & Installed by Westminster High School & Arvada West High School 

Westminster High School- 303-657-3980 & Arvada West High School- 303-982-1303


Westminster and Arvada West High School Agriculture Students from the Landscape Design classes designed this year’s student garden to mimic the changing landscape of the state of Colorado as you travel East to West.  From the Plains of Eastern Colorado to the top of the Rocky’s and Denver in between Colorado’s landscape is vast and diverse.  Students were tasked with researching the different plant varieties, matching them to where they would most likely be found in nature and using them in their design.  Acting as Landscape Designers the students had to complete their own design and submit it, just as an actual designer would do, in order to get their bid accepted as the winning design.  After the winning designs were selected those students were invited to install the project. We hope you enjoy the student’s hard work and the walking tour through The Centennial State.

Garden I: Luxury Outdoor Living Space

Colorado Essence Landscapes

Design & Installed by Colorado Essence Landscapes


Welcome yourself into a luxurious outdoor living space. As you amble through the various living spaces imagine yourself enjoying the areas with family and friends. Enjoy the allure of a landscape that expertly blends the beauty of nature, with elegantly handcrafted structures. Sit back, relax, and savor new experiences in these unique outdoor living areas. What is your paradise?


Garden J: Secret Garden

Designed & Installed by LCM Landscape & Design

Enjoy a magical hideaway in your own backyard. We have used several different medias to show our versatility in creating a unique backyard oasis. Whether it is faux rock, GFRC, or real rock waterfalls and features we can create whatever you can dream up, inside or out. With over 50 years of experience between myself and my mentor, Rick Pursell, the possibilities are endless.


Garden K: Small Spaces

Designed & Installed by Spokas & Company



We will be presenting four different ways a homeowner can incorporate outdoor living to small spaces.  As new neighborhoods continue to grow but yards continue to shrink, especially here in Colorado, we have focused this year’s garden to incorporating small seating areas that can also accommodate small water features and/or fire pits.


Garden M: Mountain Retreat

Designed & Installed by FRSR, LLC



Tucked away somewhere in the Rockies, our garden is meant to invoke the feeling of being surrounded by nature.  This is a place for friends and family to reunite and relax, and enjoy the quiet serenity of being away from the city.  The soothing sound of water falling and the quiet destinations in the garden invite visitors to explore and find their spot.  Whether it’s to chat around the fire pit, have drinks at the bar, or just sit and enjoy a book, the ideal mountain garden will have a spot for all kinds of relaxing.  Let our garden be a reminder to all of us to enjoy the beautiful outdoors that is right in our backyard here in Colorado.