The 9NEWS Hot Products Zone, located at the top of the escalators across from the show entrance, is the place to find the greatest and latest in gardening and home improvement products. The Colorado Garden & Home Show annually features thousands of exciting useful gardening and home improvement products.

The Colorado Garden & Home Show annually features thousands of exciting useful gardening and home improvement products. But, if you are looking for the special and unique product this year, you will find it first in the 9NEWS Hot Products Zone. Make a note of where the products are exhibited and see them for yourself on the show floor. The 2020 Colorado Garden & Home Show’s hot products are:

Auto Fire Guard
Auto Fire Guard, Aurora, CO
Booth 819
A decorative and portable fire suppression system that save lives and property while looking good.

Centric Air Whole House Fan
Vent Masters Inc., Lakewood, CO
Booths 217 and 2000
Whole House Fans are used at night to bring in cool outside air and removed the hot inside air. The Centric Air model features a super efficient, extremely quiet German made fan with R-50 motorized, insulated dampers that can be operated with a smart switch  or smart speaker like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

DIY Modular and Decorative Steel Barrier Panels
English Garden Fence, Boulder, CO
Booth 635
Make your outdoor space fashionable with some English Garden Flair. This DIY, solid steel panels, assemble without digging holes or pouring concrete for a superior fence or enclosure. Our modular systems can be used as fencing, garden, pet enclosures, hedge borders, or barriers to ward off animals. A combinations of gates and trellises create an elegant arbor for a swanky entrance to any space. The steel is left to patina naturally so it blends in with the background and makes for a zero maintenance product. Being the panels are modular, you can resize and reconfigure your space, or take them with you when you move. These panels drive into the ground or mount to concrete and easily bolt together. There are different widths and heights to accommodate any space, curve or incline.

Earth Love Gardens Cold Frame & Hoop House
Earth Love Gardens, Boulder, CO
Booth 1008
Assembled locally, our product meets the needs of our climate where you can grow for less than 44% of the year. Using the best materials available, our product focuses is sustainable, long-lasting product that works effectively. We currently have two products, the Cold Frame and Hoop House. The Cold Frame is designed for lasting at least over a decade and with much research uses a design that passively regulates temperature and protects from the elements. The Hoop House utilizes a similar design, however, is designed for the seasoned gardeners or community applications where budget may be a priority. All designs are customized.

Everlog Siding
GS Exterior Experts, Littleton, CO
Booth 106
Everlog siding is an engineered concrete log siding and concrete timber siding product used in renovations and new construction projects. Designed to perform better than logs its simulated log siding will instantly transform the look of any cabin or home as well as commercial structures.

Natural Stone Decking
Lyons Sandstone, Lyons, CO 80540
Booth 663
Natural Stone Decking is made from natural quarried stone. The squares of stone are notched to fit around standard deck joists and then glued down. The results is a decking materials that is perfectly suited for Colorado. It will not be affected by UV, thermal fluctuation, forest fires, wild animals or any other natural stressors. It is also more environmentally, friendly than man-made decking materials that are a mix of wood fiber, plastic, and chemical colorants.

Sculpted Relief Walls & Boards
Norling Wakeman Studios, Dillion, CO
Booth 1580
Unique and beautiful wall art that homeowners love! Wall art can be used for high walls, niches, stairway walls, etc. The wall art is touchable, permanent to the wall, and custom designed for each space!

“TRUE” Engineered Hardwood
Custom Flooring Specialists, Arvada, CO 80002
Booth 1707
This flooring is replica to driftwood or weathered wood. The flooring won’t change colors if chipped, scratched, or damaged and is easily spot treated.

Weed Warrior – Organic Weed Killer
Sunday, Boulder, CO
Booth 964
Weed Warrior is an all-organic weed killer that kills just about anything you spray it on. It is OMRI certified, meaning it can be used on organic farms. The active ingredient is ammoniated soap of fatty acids, which is naturally present in many food you already eat. Weed Warrior is effective within 20 minutes on a hot sunny day. Weed Warrior is absorbed through the leaves and not the roots, so you don’t have to worry about runoff killing your desired plants or if it splashes on woody stems or tree trunks. The active ingredient is biodegraded very quickly, minimizing the risk of it running off into groundwater.