The Hot Products Zone, located at the top of the escalators across from the show entrance, is the place to find innovative and latest in gardening and home improvement products. The Colorado Garden & Home Show annually features thousands of exciting useful gardening and home improvement products. 2022 Information will be released throughout the year. Feel free to read about 2020’s hot products- our 2021 Show was virtual.

The Colorado Garden & Home Show annually features thousands of exciting useful gardening and home improvement products. But, if you are looking for the special and unique product this year, you will find it first in the Hot Products Zone. Make a note of where the products are exhibited and see them for yourself on the show floor. The 2020 Colorado Garden & Home Show’s hot products were:

Auto Fire Guard “Fireball”
Fiyah Distributors Inc., Official Distributor for the Auto Fire Guard “Fireball”
Booth 819
Fire damages amount to huge loss of lives & property every year in the United States. Fiyah Distributors Inc. is proud to provide an innovative product from Auto Fire Guard® called the “AFG – Fireball”. The “FIREBALL” is an automatic, self-activating, super-efficient fire extinguisher system literally anyone can use w/ease to put out a fire within seconds. 100% non-toxic, 15yr shelf life, maintenance-free and “Made In Colorado” by a former firefighter.


Centric Air Whole House Fan
Vent Masters Inc., Lakewood, CO
Booth 217, 2000
Whole house fans are used at night to bring in cool, fresh, outside air and remove hot inside air. The CentricAir fan features a super-efficient, extremely quiet German made fan. It can be controlled with a smartphone app and connected to a smart speaker like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Or, set your desired inside temperature and the fan will cycle on and off like your furnace or A/C.


Earth Love Gardens Cold Frame & Hoop House
Earth Love Gardens, Boulder, CO
Booth 1008
Assembled locally, our product meets the needs of our climate where you can grow for less than 44% of the year. Using the best materials available, our product focuses is sustainable, long-lasting product that works effectively. We currently have two products, the Cold Frame and Hoop House. The Cold Frame is designed for lasting at least over a decade and with much research uses a design that passively regulates temperature and protects from the elements. The Hoop House utilizes a similar design, however, is designed for the seasoned gardeners or community applications where budget may be a priority. All designs are customized.


Everlog Siding
GS Exterior Experts, Littleton, CO
Booth 106, 2134
EverLog fiber cement siding Systems offer the exact look and texture of natural wood cabin logs while eliminating the problems associated with wood log home construction. Concrete EverLog products are found on residential, commercial, resort, and other structures nationally and internationally.  From cozy mountain log cabins to custom log homes and lodges of dramatic scale, our concrete log products are the worry free and environmentally friendly solution to wood log construction.


Modular Metal Fence
English Garden Fence, Boulder, CO
Booth 635
English inspired decorative fence panels are built locally from solid steel. These panels and gates assemble without digging holes or pouring concrete for a superior fence or enclosure. Our modular system can be used as fencing, garden or pet enclosures, arbors, trellises, hedge borders, and barriers to ward off animals. Installation is available or as a DIY project.


Natural Stone Decking
Lyons Sandstone, Lyons, CO
Booth 663
A decking for Colorado from Colorado. Natural Stone Decking is a new decking product for those that want a completely chemical free, locally produced, sustainable deck.  This brand new patent pending product is a Colorado native.  It is durable, unaffected by the elements and part of a fireproof house.


Sculpted Relief Walls & Boards
Norling Wakeman Studios, Dillon, CO
Booth 1580
Bonnie Norling Wakeman of Norling Wakeman Studios & designs, hand carves, & creates Sculpted Relief Murals directly on interior wall surfaces. She specializes in High End Homes and Commercial locations where she brings a Beautiful Touch of Nature inside!


“TRUE” Engineered Hardwood
Custom Flooring Specialists, Arvada, CO
Booth 1707
True Engineered Hardwood Collection is inspired by nature’s “bogwood process”, which can take centuries for wood to turn from its natural color to deep golden brown or even black. We have developed a specific technique to replicate the patina and authentic look of weathered and ancient woods. With this process, we produced hardwood featuring the same unique beauty and color penetrating throughout each wood species in natural bogwood, driftwood and weathered barnwood.   The flooring won’t change colors if chipped, scratched, or damaged. It takes out the need to ever refinish the entirety of the  wood floor and is easily spot treated.  Also, because of the aging process, this makes this particular wood an ideal fit for Colorado’s dry climate.


Turf Master Enviroturf™
Turf Master, Fort Collins, CO
Booth 215
Envirturf is a unique, trademarked live turfgrass sod that designed for the resource conscientious homeowner.  This turfgrass, developed by Turf Master Sod Farms over 20+ years, is a trademarked sod comprised of a perfected formula of grass types suited to the harsh Rocky Mountain climate.  Enviroturf provides the region with a tough, durable grass that uses up to 40% less water than Kentucky Bluegrass.  With increased wear and tear resistance, Enviroturf maintains a dark green carpet-like appearance, making for an aesthetically appealing lawn.  The inimitable qualities of Enviroturf make this turfgrass an appealing choice to homeowners, city planners, and sports field mangers alike.