The 9NEWS Hot Products Zone, located at the top of the escalators across from the show entrance, is the place to find the greatest and latest in gardening and home improvement products. The Colorado Garden & Home Show annually features thousands of exciting useful gardening and home improvement products.

The Colorado Garden & Home Show annually features thousands of exciting useful gardening and home improvement products. But, if you are looking for the special and unique product this year, you will find it first in the 9NEWS Hot Products Zone. Make a note of where the products are exhibited and see them for yourself on the show floor. The 2019 Colorado Garden & Home Show’s hot products are:

Arcadia Aluminum Louvered Pergola
Denver Pergola Systems, Indian Hills, CO
Booth 2012
The Arcadia Louvered Pergola System is an all aluminum structure unique in that the louvers pivot from fully closed,170 degrees in the other direction to maximize the position of the sun any time of the day, and anytime of the year. When closed, the “S” shape of the louvers channel rain to the integrated gutter system, making the pergola a rain-tight structure below. The powder coated aluminum provides years of maintenance-free usability and the thickness of the aluminum posts, beams and louvers creates a solid structure that can be built to any county snow and wind load requirements. The system comes in a variety of colors and can be built to any size or configuration on concrete patios, over second story decks, or even free standing.

CleanSpace Vapor Barrier
Rod Martin’s Complete Basement Systems, Englewood, CO
Booths 809 and 1771
Your home is a system, and every part of that system plays a role that affects the rest of the structure. If your crawl space begins to rot, grow mold, have poor energy efficiency or experience structural problems, this will extend to every part of your home. Encapsulating or sealing your crawl space can save money on energy bills, clean up a previously nasty area of your home, and provide you with valuable extra storage space!

Elemental Fountain
14er Creative Studios, Centennial, CO
Booth 1267
You know the place … the place where your guests end up every time you entertain.  Is it underfoot in the kitchen or hovering around your dining table?  Not anymore.  The Elemental Fountain will instantly be the focus of every get together regardless of the season.  Each element is highlighted – steel, wood, water, fire, air and light – creating the perfect gathering spot and finally bringing the focus to the harmony of your garden. Get your guests to put down their phones and rediscover the delight of listening to the splashing water and talking to each other.  Connect with your loved ones curled up around the fire.  Wow your friends with your great taste of the artist-designed fountain.  The clean lines of the steel and warm touch of wood are simply irresistible.  The mesmerizing flow of water and flickering light will delight your senses for hours on end.  The Elemental Fountain is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Inclinator Elevette – Home Elevator
Accessible Systems, Englewood, CO
Booth 1117
Step into the future with more flexibility, ease and mobility than you ever thought possible! You value your independence and plan to stay in your home as long as possible. Investing in technology that makes life easier is one of the best ways to extend the years you can stay in the home you love, enjoying the people you love. A residential elevator is the next great American home appliance! Elevators for homes are a sound investment, as the increase in your home’s value often exceeds the cost of adding a home elevator. Plus, when it’s time to sell your home, having a home elevator means you’ll sell it to a much larger market! Stop by Accessible Systems’ booth, #1117, and meet the elevator specialists in an adapted home setting.

iMow Robotic Lawn Mower
STIHL, Aurora, CO
Booth 639
STIHL iMow is a fully automated mower that adapts to your lawn and tailors the mowing to your yard and schedule. iMow helps keep your lawn healthy and gives you more time to do the things you love.  STIHL iMow is an automatic mower that when installed by a certified STIHL technician can mow your yard with little to no supervision. iMow will mow based on windows of available time, is ultra-quiet so it can be run at night, and will automatically return to its docking station to charge when needed.

Murphy Cabinet Bed
Smart Spaces – Murphy & Wall Beds, Denver, CO
Booth 2307
The latest in creative space solutions, the Murphy cabinet bed is the only “wall” bed that does not need to be attached to a wall. It’s great for apartments and rooms where the ceiling is too low for a normal wall bed. It’s simple to set up, taking less than one minute, and it uses just a couple of feet of floor space. There is nothing to install, and if you move, you can take it with you as easily as another piece of furniture. Made of solid hardwood construction, the bed is queen size and comes with a premium get foam mattress.

Napoleon’s Allure Vertical Electric Fireplace
Colorado Comfort Products, Denver, CO
Booth 314
Create a stunning focal point with Napoleon’s Allure Vertical Electric Fireplaces. Available in two sizes, these fireplaces are not just perfect for any room but for EVERY room! The vertical design hosts a collection of features including an LED ember bed, flames and side accent lights with more than 6 color options. Operable with or without heat allows you to enjoy this statement piece all year round no matter the season. Making a grand statement that is as functional as it is beautiful has never been easier than with these trendsetting fireplaces.

Patina Collection Doors
A1 Garage Doors, Tempe, AZ
Booth 223
Patina Collection doors are handcrafted by Door 48 and will turn your garage door into a piece of art.  These leading-edge garage doors are high-quality, insulated doors in copper or steel with a unique patina finish. The copper garage doors come in finishes natural to aging copper, Raw Copper, Old Penney Patina, and Tiffany Green Patina. Patina Collection copper doors are truly one of a kind because you may choose a specific patina finish, or you may allow your door to naturally go through the patina process, changing the look of your and house over time. While steel garage doors are the common choice for garage doors, there is nothing common about our Patina Collection steel doors. These doors come in Japanese Brown Patina, Natural Rust, and Slate Black Patina. These patina finishes turn a typical steel door into the feature of your home. With Patina Collection doors by Door 48, your garage door will be more than a door, it will become a beautiful and unique statement piece, increasing the value of your home, and making you the envy of your neighborhood.

Reclaimed Barn Wood
Front Range Timber, Broomfield, CO
Booth 438
Front Range Timber’s is Colorado’s largest purveyor of reclaimed wood. We are a company born from the passion of giving new life to aging barns, factories, and homes. Does your project require re-sawn dimensional wood, vintage hand-hewn beams, beautifully weathered reclaimed barn siding for interior or exterior walls, reclaimed flooring or a unique accent wall? Then be sure to visit and see how a piece of history can make your project unique and modern!