Electricity is not included with your booth. Click here to order electricity.

Will you be cutting brick, block or wood during your booth set-up?

If your booth setup for the Colorado Fall Home Show requires you to cut block, brick or concrete during move-in at the convention center, you MUST use a wet saw to limit the dust.

Wet saws must be in proper working condition.  You will not be permitted to cut stone, etc. without a wet saw.  PLASTIC MUST BE ON THE FLOOR UNDER THE SAW AND SOME TYPE OF TUB MUST BE USED TO CONTAIN THE WATER TO PREVENT IT FROM SPREADING AROUND AND LEAKING ONTO THE FLOOR BELOW.  You must supply your own plastic.  Exhibitors will be charged for any damage to the building and/or excessive clean up or housekeeping. This also applies to companies that will be cutting wood.  You MUST have a dust collection bag on your equipment to minimize the sawdust. If you will be laying any concrete or block in your booth you must bring and lay plastic down on the floor first. If you will be building a pergola in your booth and you have an inline booth, please note that nothing can be higher than 8’3”.  Please note, the top of the pergola must remain within the booth space and cannot overhang into the aisle.

General Liability Insurance

All exhibitors are required to list Colorado Garden Foundation listed as ‘additionally insured’ on their general liability policy and we must have a copy of the certificate of insurance.  If you do not work with an insurance agency you can get show coverage through our insurance agency. Please email us at Info@ColoradoGardenFoundation.org for details.

Freeman Decorating

For tables, chairs, carpeting, professional signage or any other booth decorating needs, please contact Freeman Exhibitor Services Team by phone: 888-508-5054, email: FreemanDenverES@freemanco.com or visit their website: www.freemanco.com